i can't find anybody as crazy as me.

Friday, August 25, 2006


i am so glad it is friday. i am tired, in more ways than one. i am tired because i don't get much sleep. i am tired from working out so much. i am tired from drinking so much. heh. and i am really tired of my biological clock (i think that is what it is) bugging the hell out of me. i dunno where this came from all of the sudden, but it makes me feel REALLY old.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

i had a dream...

...last night, and i think paris hilton was in it. this almost makes me ill.

i do know that i kept waking up during the night, and i finally was awake for good around 6:30. my brain won't slow down. i need something for anxiety. and before you tell me to just have a few drinks before bed, save your "breath" - i had two guinness and a shot of tuaca with some friends at lakewood landing. it was nice but it didn't help.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

back to the grind...

yep, i've missed a few days. i almost forgot i had a blog. hehe. jk. i must be in my usual beginning of the week funk or something, but lemme update you on my life.

i went to oklahoma to see the folks this weekend. it was nice to get away, but that drive sucks sometimes. on friday afternoon, around 4:30, it took me TWO HOURS to get to denton. so, it took 5 hours to get all the way home. that sucked. the dogs and i were all getting antsy. i hung out with the folks on friday night. saturday morning, dad and i went to the muscle car ranch swap meet. it was only 9 am, and i swear i was soaked with sweat in like 5 minutes. so, we didn't stay long or buy anything. sad to say, i think it's losing momentum lately. but, i still drool over curtis' 69 camaros. someday, cherry, someday...

anyway, after that, we went to okc to run errands, shop a bit, and eat at cracker barrel. yum. i have been craving those collard greens and that apple butter for weeks! :) (did you people know i was such a hick? lol) i also got some cool birkenstock thongs that i have been wanting. hush, and don't call me a hippie. i got the carribean ones, in black, so shut it. :)

on saturday night, i went with my best high school pal jen and her husband aaaron to the remington park casino. yeehaw. it wasn't that great - it was smokey, the band was scary (they sang that "ride on it, my pony, you're horny" song. yikes.), and it was depressing. but aaron won $2400! that was pretty cool. my new drink is vodka on the rocks with a splash of blood mary mix and a lime. i got that from haskell. it's damn good. maybe i already told you about that? i have a bad memory, as most of you know.

i am gonna get to work now. it's already tuesday. i'll write more later.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

bloggy birthdays, EDT, IM, and you...

first of all, happy birthday (actually a day belated) to pimplomat the blog! last night, on behalf of his plus one (my best friend), i took him/it a birthday cake (was really a chocolate muffin with a "magical" candle in it) to the asburne glen show at the cavern here in dallas. his band is darned good. i am no indie rock (or whatever they call it nowadays) critic (or even fan, really) by any means, but his band was the best by far. i don't deal with whiney boys very well. :)

woah, enough with the parenthesis. i think i am either getting sick or quite hungover today. thanks a lot vodka and one jagermeister shot. at least i stayed away from tuaca.

man, i usually really love my neighborhood (EDT/little mexico area), but damn! last night, i really thought i was going to get shot or beat up at the walgreen's. i was actually scared for a minute. but ya know, more than that, i was extremely irritated and annoyed. seriously, if i ever have kids (and you know i wanna), i swear to you that i WILL discipline then. i promise. i won't treat them as "oh so independent" like my puppies. i promise. what i see sometimes around here makes me ill. i know. i am not being specific, but i should be working.

i discovered meebo today. it pretty much rocks. i am an IM nerd. it's true. i almost had a panic attack this morning since i wasn't able to get onto yahoo im. trillian sucks. i decided that yesterday.

lesse...what else? i am going to lunch with haskell today. i really like that name. i'll elaborate more later. like how i leave you hangin'? lol.

could i be any more ADD today?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

the madness

strangely enough, i feel content today. i am surprised. i might get very sleepy soon. ever after 6 bloody marys and only 5 hours of sleep, i am wide awake at 6am. i don't get it. the dogs weren't even barking. it's like there is something in my brain that won't slow down. i am gonna be really cocky and go with the theory that my brain is just so full of knowledge, and some of it wants outta there. heehee.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

tuesdays are a little better.

i kept having bad dreams last night - was all about working in an office with people i didn't know, and it was like something horrible had happened to cut off all means of communication - no email, no phones, fires everywhere. it freaked me out, of course. it was one of those dreams that you aren't sure is NOT real when you wake up. i immediately started thinking - i need to start making plans with family and friends regarding what we'll do is this really happens! i know it sounds a bit paranoid, but you never know these days, folks. what does this dream mean? is it typical as of late in our world?

the bigwigs are here at work today. that makes me nervous. i wore long sleeves, just in case. they loved my desk setup. check it out in case you haven't seen it. i have added more stuff, but it still pretty much looks like this:

Monday, August 14, 2006

mondays suck.

i had a pretty good weekend though. they are always too short. i woke up with tom petty's "the waiting" in my head on sunday morning. today, i woke up with cheap trick's "surrender" in my head. i have way too much going on in there.